Thursday, 31 December 2015

What's He Like?

He's attractive, good looking, smart and funny. He is charming and one of those guys who flirts with the world. Sometimes I think he is too charming. That it all comes too easily. Women adore him. Yeah one of those guys; you hate him already don't you?

He's not a guy I just met. He's actually the man who first explained to me that guys would like a girl who was submissive; who wanted to do what they said and please them with it.

He explained that that there were dominants and submissives; that he was one and I was the other. I guess I knew most of that before he said it. I know that I knew what BDSM was, and that I liked reading it. I know I knew I liked pleasing men. It had just never occurred to me before that moment that I was a submissive.

And then... it seemed complicated. Giving up power. Why would I give it, and what would I get in return? Sometimes it still seems complicated? Is it fair? Do I care about fair? Shouldn't fair be part of the equation somehow?

And then other times it seems irrelevant and I just want to please. Did I mention he's charming?

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