Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The Beginning

Where to start?

I think right here in the middle of the story.

There's a man and he seems to be my new Dominant. He says he is. And I want him to be. He refers to himself as my Dom.

I'm very attracted to him.

He's smart and funny, Dom and desirable. and we are both in other relationships. We're going excruciatingly slowly, for a million reasons and I am so into him.And... do I sound surprised? He seems to be into me.

One night we were necking and I put his hand on my breast, encouraging him. He started caressing me, pinching my nipples and I couldn't get enough of it. He was hurting me just a little, just enough, and I was crazy for it, so damn turned on.  It was a month ago and I still remember the feeling.

He touches my tits and I wet for him. It's crazy, I find myself pushing my tits into his hands, I put his hands on me. It's not very subtle. Touch me, touch me. Do me. Please.

I fantasize about him.

I guess that's part of the Dom package?


  1. In medias res is always my favorite place to start - gives you lots of options for future directions!

  2. It does, and thanks for commenting!