Friday, 25 December 2015


Yesterday we ran into each other twice. Have we ever before? Not really.

I think it was completely coincidental. And surprising. And delightful.

We were emailing and established that we were in the same place. He told me where to go, and I did... wanting to say "yes Sir". Bossy man. I like that.

We sat in my car and talked.

I think he knew I would have been amenable to more.

It would have been inconvenient. It wasn't the way I had planned that last rush up to the holiday. It wasn't planned at all, and maybe that was the delight of it. It would have derailed my plans, and presumably his too.

But I wanted it. And I was struck by him being there, the serendipity of it. I wanted him, had been thinking of him, emailing him. And there he was. Here he was. Yum.

And as always, there was nowhere to go. Our recurring issue, place. A car in a busy parking lot is limiting. And yet... I wanted it. Did he?

We chatted for a bit, flirted a bit, he slid his hand into my top, squeezed my nipples. To show that he could? Maybe.

And then we split. Me to finish my errands, him probably doing the same.

I made a couple of stops, ticking things off my last minute list. And then, weirdly, I ran into him again at a gas station.

This time the encounter was shorter. He asked if I was following him. I said not today. He laughed.

There was a moment of connection. Of thinking. It seemed like fate was pushing us to be together. To run off and do the dirty things we've been contemplating? Maybe.

So there was that moment of connection. Consideration. Then we went our separate ways again.

I wonder if he saw it the same way?

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