Sunday, 17 January 2016

After the Bar

We split up after the bar, and as I walked to my car, I thought "Fuck, I was hoping we'd hook up, and why am I so stupid when it comes to offering myself in person? So tongue tied? I need to be more... obvious maybe?" 

So when I got to my car I sent you a message. Not really even hoping that you'd check or want it or follow up, just kind of as a last resort. And you sent me a message at the same time. Yes you did want it. Yes, and instructions. Go to the parking lot, where we went the other time. 

I went there, pulled in and it was deserted. I was first. I had a couple of minutes to worry or get Zen or get thrilled. I think I was mostly thrilled. Eager. It did occur to me that it would be a bad place to get stranded. It would take some explaining. 

You got there, pulled up next to me. I left my car and went to yours. I got in and we started kissing. It's like being in high school. At least for me. I'd sit beside you in the cafeteria or in class, surrounded by other people and want you. 

I undid my coat and you slid your hand in to touch my tits, and I gasped a little at how cold your fingers were, and you started to withdraw. No, please, I like it. So you stayed and played. I love you playing with my tits, my nipples. I love the little hit of pain, and is it more when it's cold fingers. 

All those girls who said their nipples aren't actually that sensitive? That's not me. Mine are. It's like there's a direct line from my nipples to my pussy. It turns me on. And all that time you spent learning to be gentle with them? ummmm, please ... it's hard to say, to ask for, but please be rough with me Sir, please pinch them like you do, more even, make me whimper with it? Thank you Sir, and yes more please. And when you smacked them, I was surprised, but I liked that too. Do you hate that I want pain? I know, you aren't supposed to hit girls but Sir, this one wants it. Please. 

You made a comment about my red bra, you'd been looking earlier. Good, I'm glad you looked. I feel like I push my tits into your hands, into your body, your mouth. Your attention maybe. I loved you taking them out of my bra, my shirt, exposing me, sucking me. Exhibitionist? Yes. Do I want to get caught? NOOO. I was kind of worried a cop would come, but... I figured we'd have warning enough to get presentable. 

You were playing with me, I undid your shirt, touched your chest, your nipples, your neck, I think you liked it. I reached down to play with your cock through your pants. Both of us moaning, wanting, encouraging. 

I asked to suck you, and you allowed it, I think you were pleased that I asked, you undid your pants, moved your seat back, and I knelt on my seat and sucked you. I love sucking cock, I'm sure I've told you that. I love the sensation, the knowledge that I'm succeeding, it gets harder, grows in my mouth, your hands in my hair, the sounds the tension, as I do it right, and you let me do it my way, or encourage, or change me, move me, show me. And then the end, where you need it, you can feel it coming, the orgasm and you grab my head and move me so I'm fucking your cock with my mouth, serving you? I like all of that. The rush of cum into my mouth, and then, what to do, how much to suck, how much to get gentle and just be a warm place for your cock? Because that's what I assume you want... And you did seem to like it. 

Please tell though, please give me blow job lessons? BlowJob101 for YOU. I'd love to give you the best blow job ever, and I think the only way to do that is by being told. Don't you? Tell me exactly what to touch, and when, the head of your cock, the shaft, your balls, and behind. Yes i do know it's cramped in the car, but... it can be something you could tell here or show another time. Please Sir? I'm assuming that I'd get a B+, for effort if nothing else, because as you said there are no bad blow jobs, but... I have no idea whether I'm an A or a D for execution, and I do not assume it's perfect, but I'd like to be. 

And while I knelt over your cock, you flipped up my skirt, pulled down my pantyhose and panties and started playing, smacking my ass, tentatively at first, and then more. And eventually you told me to pull down my pantyhose and panties so you could play more, which I did, you spanked my ass, which surprised me, with my mouth full of your cock, kinda playing with fire there Sir? You kept hitting. Did I like it? Yes. Yes, I liked it. Yes I wanted it not in the car. Yes, it hurt, some during, some by the end. Did I get enough? um. I don't know. No. Did I get too much? Um. No, not too much. Did it hurt? Yes. 

It's confusing right? There was a point... where I thought, this hurts, will I have to ask him to stop? If he... if he keeps going, at what point would i stop him? And I don't want to ever stop him, because I have begged him to do this, and . I want it, but it's pain. At some point, it's just pain, but... I really liked it. Thank you. My take away was that I really liked it. It turned me on. I would like you to do it again. More. Harder. I almost asked you if you wanted the hairbrush in my purse (thinking that i was asking you to do this and it had to hurt your hand too... and somehow it seemed wrong for me to ask you to hurt yourself, which might be dumb?) and I loved the pain and heat of it, your hands on me, running over me at the end. Feeling the heat. Did you like it? Hate it? Feel comfortable or really uncomfortable? Dirty? Dom? What? Please tell?

I felt submissive, ummm, dirty, very sexual, very "on the bottom". Very appreciative. Thank you. 

Your hand moved from my asscheeks to my pussy, tentatively, at one point scaring me that you were going to play with my asshole. And no I don't have it as a limit, and I won't but ... it's ummm I guess it's dirtier, and more invasive, and wasn't what I wanted. I was relieved. God I sound like such an insecure neurotic little girl. 

You started touching my pussy, sliding in from behind, and then my clit, I was pretty wet, and very turned on, and you rubbed and stroked and played as I sucked your cock, I wanted to stop to say yes yes yes, but i didnt

And it was awesome and I came, moaning while I sucked. JUST before you came, in case you wondered, or maybe that's what made you... but I do know that it can be less obvious when I cum. 

And then I got up and kissed you after the cum, and then laughed at me doing it again, kissing you with cum breath. 

And then we talked and ... You made some comment about finding out that I liked at least a preliminary spanking. I knew I would. 

Thank you. Damn I am glad you emailed me after the bar. 

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