Friday, 3 June 2016

Until That Day

Until that day we played, I'd never had someone spank my pussy. And I hadn't really thought about it. I certainly hadn't thought about it as something good. 

It was shocking, umm, mostly in a good way. But it's pain, which is bad, but, this was in a mostly good way, and I don't think I can explain it. It DEFINITELY turned me on, though there were lots of things that did that day, so it would be impossible to identify just one. 

When I got there and you had the toys you had, I thought you'd spank me, my ass, which you did, and which I loved. 

I hadn't expected the pussy spanking, and ... I guess when you started doing that I somehow imagined you'd do it once, or twice and then go back to my ass, and you didn't. It made me feel helpless and aroused, and dominated and pain, and exposed, and oh, did I say dominated? I wanted to be open to it, it's what you wanted, and I wanted to like it, and i wanted it to stop, wanted it to keep going,  I didn't know.... didn't expect...  didn't know how to process it. And instead of being able to just take it, I tried to escape it, and no, not enough to say stop, not enough to use my safeword, 

And now, a month later (it's about a month, isn't it?), I have processed it, sort of, and I don't know how you felt about this woman, trying to escape you, but omg it was hot for me. And I loved that you came then. 


(And yes, it has taken me this long to write this, to think this through this far, and I do think though my fingers often)

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